There was a knock on the door.

"I’ll get it honey!" Kayla called. Her husband, Lucas, looked up from where he was playing with their one and a half year old daughter with a smile as she walked past him in the living room.

She went into the small hallway that cut off the view of her husband and her happy burbling baby and opened the front door.

And froze.

A man was standing there. He was wearing normal clothes, and even had a half-normal looking haircut, and overall didn’t seem too out of the ordinary. But it was a face that Kayla would never forget.

"Hello Kay," he said with a bright smile that hadn’t changed a bit in the ten or fifteen years since she’d last seen him.



Then he leaned down and gave her a kiss.

Kayla was stunned, surprised, and could hardly even take a step back so that he wasn’t kissing her anymore. Behind her, her daughter laughed at something, and though the baby and her husband weren’t even twenty feet away, they might as well be on the opposite side of the planet. Further.

Because her fairy tale childhood had started to catch up with her again.