“If something like this could materialize out of nowhere, then almost anything could happen.”

Sounds promising.

“The action kit, which had been specially designed by the Charismatic Movement Marketing Council, explained that people are different and need a different approach.”

…that is eerily accurate.

“The intentions were good at least.”

“Rhythmic accuracy should be carefully observed, including the duration of the finale note of each vocalise.”

“When I look at all of this, I can say, despite everything that’s happened, that it hasn’t been such a bad week.”

“Cause I’m holding on…”

“An hour into the movie, Augustus’s parents came in and served us the enchiladas, which we ate on the couch, and they were pretty delicious.”



“Dr. Fujii reached his family’s house in the evening.”

this makes no sense why

But the nearest books around me are dictionaries, thesauruses, and baby name books…




"Le temps altère la peinture et rend bien des choses invisibles à l’oeil.”

Translation: Time alters the painting and renders things invisible to the eye.

…okay then

I have a strange urge to draw myself in my underwear. 

I have really cute underwear on right now.

I should be changing the sheets and going to bed, which I’m probably going to do, but…


I want to.

The good news: I figured out how to install apps on my stupid phone (finally)

The REALLY good news: One of those apps is Assassin’s Creed 2

I know what I’m doing on the plane

So um I have this habit of randomly going on “LET’S FIGURE OUT THE ZODIAC SIGNS FOR ALL MY CHARACTERS!” binges


I guess that means those brothers both go for the same kind of people that’s not creepy at all

don’t mind me, just ranting about people that nobody knows…

My sister and I are making bodices.

This scrap looked like a fish. 

He even has an eye!

lol what

They were cutting it close, and they knew it, but they’d cut it close before and Sharon wasn’t worried. Besides, they were kind of busy at the moment.

“How much longer do you have, Geraldine?” she called as she swung her twin swords and neatly decapitated one of the many droid attackers. With the second’s relief that brought her, she glanced over at Geraldine.

Geraldine was busy putting her metal fist through another droid’s face. It sparked and convulsed, and then fell over as she pulled her arm back. The faint white glow of her eyes flickered towards Sharon. “Half an hour!” she called back, turning to dispatch yet another droid with a well-aimed roundhouse kick. “I’ll be fine, don’t worry about me!”

“We have to finish taking care of these then!” Sharon said, going back to her swords.

Droids fell around them as they slowly worked their way to a safe place where they might be able to plug Geraldine in. She was running out of power, but they’d be alright. There were only so many droids, and they were no match for their twin powers of swords and fists that seemed to withstand everything.

Still, they didn’t go entirely without damage. Various cuts and bruises were already covering Sharon’s arms and legs, and Geraldine’s pink armor had several dents and marks where she’d been hit.

“Fifteen minutes!” Geraldine called out again. “We’re cutting it really close!”

“There are only a few left, don’t worry about it!” Sharon shouted back. “Come on Geraldine, don’t worry!”

Still, Geraldine couldn’t help but look worried as she continued dispatching droids.

Suddenly it was over, and all that was left of their attackers were piles of machinery, usually beyond repair. The droids lay scattered around them, and Sharon grinned at her friend. “Nice work Geraldine, we did a great job!”

Geraldine nodded, but then her knees gave way. Sharon’s grin faded as she hurried over. “Geraldine! Geraldine are you okay?”

“I’m dying,” Geraldine said. “No battery life left…”

Sharon shook her head and hauled Geraldine to her feet. She started running to where she knew the closest power source was, dragging Geraldine behind her. No, no, Geraldine couldn’t die, not now…

The building was falling apart, little more than a shack, but there was a light bulb on and an outlet Sharon knew they could use. She fumbled at Geraldine’s side for her plug, and pushed it into the outlet. Then she looked over at Geraldine.

Her eyes weren’t lit up, and neither was the Apple logo on her chest.

“No, Geraldine, don’t die, wake up, please wake up!” Sharon shook her head, no, this couldn’t be happening, Geraldine couldn’t die…

Nothing happened.

Sharon started to cry and she squeezed her eyes shut, she couldn’t lose her friend like this, her faithful companion…she tried not to, but Geraldine…

Suddenly a hand rested on her shoulder, and she opened her eyes. Geraldine’s eyes were faintly glowing. They’d made it in time.

Sharon smiled and threw her arms around her friend’s neck. She was alive!

Webcam random stuff. I got a new computer on Wednesday.
So have some of me with freakishly frizzy hair and still wearing my concert clothes.

Webcam random stuff. I got a new computer on Wednesday.

So have some of me with freakishly frizzy hair and still wearing my concert clothes.


Kayla blinked.

“I promise you I didn’t do anything…”

“I don’t know what you could have done to make her do this…”


“Yeah, I believe you…”

She slowly became aware of her surroundings again. Somehow she’d ended up on the couch, and her daughter, Rosa, was crying about something. Kayla reached out and took the baby from her husband, rubbing the girl’s back gently as she tried to calm her down. Zeke and Lucas had fallen quiet, sensing that if they said the wrong thing they might get in trouble.

There was a knock on the door.

"I’ll get it honey!" Kayla called. Her husband, Lucas, looked up from where he was playing with their one and a half year old daughter with a smile as she walked past him in the living room.

She went into the small hallway that cut off the view of her husband and her happy burbling baby and opened the front door.

And froze.

A man was standing there. He was wearing normal clothes, and even had a half-normal looking haircut, and overall didn’t seem too out of the ordinary. But it was a face that Kayla would never forget.

"Hello Kay," he said with a bright smile that hadn’t changed a bit in the ten or fifteen years since she’d last seen him.



Then he leaned down and gave her a kiss.

Kayla was stunned, surprised, and could hardly even take a step back so that he wasn’t kissing her anymore. Behind her, her daughter laughed at something, and though the baby and her husband weren’t even twenty feet away, they might as well be on the opposite side of the planet. Further.

Because her fairy tale childhood had started to catch up with her again.