Take Your Kid to Work Day

Random cutesy thing that I wrote. Do not read if you don’t like things were my brain children have babies and cuteness ensues.


“The contraption was necessary because my lungs sucked at being lungs.”

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How to say ‘I love you’

[Been a while since I’ve posted a story here. :3 Just a short one today.]

Jack woke up when his watch alarm went off, sighed, and turned it off immediately. He didn’t want to get up, he was warm and comfortable, but he had an early audition. Didn’t these English people understand that actors didn’t like waking up early?

He rolled over and looked at the person sleeping next to him. Then he smiled a little. Quin always looked so peaceful when he was asleep…

Jack yawned and sat up, still looking down at his boyfriend. He didn’t like crawling out of bed and sneaking out of the house like this, especially since everyone was probably still asleep apart from him. Besides, he felt bad sneaking out as if he wanted to leave. Maybe he should leave some kind of message…

He looked around. Time was being wasted while he tried to think of what he could leave Quin, but he didn’t smell too bad. He could skip a shower. Or maybe a shave. Neither were all that important to him that morning.

All Jack could see was a Sharpie, and an idea started to form. He didn’t want to waste time looking for paper…

Jack grabbed the pen and pulled the sheets down a little. Quin shifted slightly as the cool air touched his chest, but he didn’t wake up. Good. Jack gently wrote across his stomach so he’d be able to read it when he sat up; ‘I love you’.


He surveyed it for a second before deciding that it seemed a little bit…less than he wanted. So he thought for another second before picking up Quin’s right arm, holding it gently and carefully while he wrote again, this time in a flowing Arabic script: ٲنَا ٱحِبُّ’

Jack smiled. He set the arm gently down and picked up the other one, this time going for Korean: 사랑해.

He thought for a second, remembering the phrase in other languages. He went for French, underneath the original: Je t’aime. Then there was Spanish, to the right of the French and down a little bit: Te amo. Jack was pretty good with remembering words, he liked them, and thought a little for other languages. He grabbed his phone for some help.

Italian; Ti amo.

German; Ich liebe Dich.

Mandarin; 我愛你.

Japanese; 好きです.

As a joke, he even added Old English (Ic lufie þe) and Welsh (Rwy’n dy garu di).

However, he was taking time to write out all these characters onto the male’s chest, and Jack realized that if he was going to have time to get there (allowing for himself to get lost), he was going to have to get going soon. Well, that was good enough for him. He pulled the sheet back up over the now-marked chest so Quin wouldn’t notice until he sat up. As an afterthought, he added one more thing right by the male’s collarbone:

-Love, J♥

The jack of hearts.

Jack smiled and got up, capping the Sharpie and setting it down back where he had found it. He quietly got dressed and left the room, grabbing a coffee before leaving the flat completely and setting off into the crisp London morning.