I really, really fucking hate watercolors.


Four Horsemen towards the end, when they come out to face the Them and they’ve basically lost all semblance of human form. I drew what I thought they might look like. War’s all fiery and red and was supposed to be more in motion but isn’t really, Pollution is a greasy blob, and as for Famine I tried to make him as stretched and skeletal as possible. He was the hardest to do, especially when my mask made him all blobby and then he was black but was already set on a dark background. 

Hope it’s worth looking at, it’s in an exposition.



Livestreamed painting from last night (full video here), took a good four hours, thank you to all who came and watched! YAY VIOLINNNN, I absolutely adore all Sherlock + violin porn.

You can view larger at my deviantArt or purchase a print here! Oh, and don’t forget to follow sherlockbbc.

let me just pick up my jaw from floor.