Please Tumblr?

I’ve successfully worked it out with my mom so that if I can raise the money to go to the Night of Writing Dangerously, she’ll let me miss school to go. So I just need a little help, even a dollar or two will mean a lot to me. 

I’ll draw something for you, write something for you, ANYTHING you want if you donate anything. It’s for a really great cause, for a non-profit organization, and it’ll be the best night of my life. I’d really, really appreciate it.

NaNoWriMo Night of Writing Dangerously page:

My fundraising page:





*cough* okay, I just realized how horrible that sounded. Let me rephrase.

I just read a comment on Part 22 of my NaNoWriMo novel (linky link ) that I actually made someone cry with the death of a character.

That just makes me feel amazing as an author. 

Internet, I love you.

Camp NaNoWriMo

Yes, I’m doing it. Why? Because honestly, there have been many times this year that I’ve just been sitting there longing for November to come again. It was amazing last time, and I hope it will be just as amazing in July.

And yes, this means I’ll be postponing any work on the story I’ve been posting here at least until the end of the month. I’m sorry. ><;

Anyway. If you want to read the novel I wrote last November called Higher Education, a link is here:

Description (that always ends up being way too long ><): By many people’s definition, the Apocalypse happened. Countries were destroyed or cut themselves off from the rest of the world. Out of the ashes of the United States of America, however, rises a new country, unnamed, powerful, and extremely wary of the outside world. 

Annie is sick of this protected, knowledgeable, and oppressive world, however, and is determined to find an escape. Outside the world is different than anyone has believed it to be in centuries, and it’s wonderful…but if she knows how to get out and into the country, its security is threatened, and any threat to security must be exterminated…

My NaNoWriMo account is here: in case you guys want to add me as a writing buddy~

If anyone’s interested, the novel I’ll start on Friday will be called Heat Seekers. It’s about a woman named Helena who’s an anti-vampire activist, but when her life is saved by a vampire and his wife, she starts to change her opinions. As a thank you, she agrees to bear the couple’s child, because vampires have to use human surrogates if they want to have one. This causes trouble not only with the group Helena practically lead against the vampire race, but with the powerful gang whom she was saved from.

I’ll probably post it on dA after I finish posting Higher Education, or here after I finish Jack and Win’s story. Whichever happens first.

Wish me luck~

For those of you who actually read what I write…

…I’m just saying that NaNoWriMo updates are back on track. :3 I finally got to a place I could reach the full document and emailed it to myself, and have updated part 8.

…it’s going to take forever to finish uploading this OTL


Little spoilers for my NaNoWriMo novel guys, yeah the poses suck and stuff but whatever.