My house!

My host family is out for a bit, so I thought I’d write a post while I’ve got some time when I don’t feel like I should be downstairs socializing.

My house is beautiful! It’s really in a gorgeous little town, and I love the European feel. The house itself is gorgeous, but I only have one crappy picture:

There’s a bit more that got cut off on the right, but yeah. That open window upstairs? My room. And my host sister in the middle c:

There are these cool carved patterns on the doors downstairs too

My door (from the inside):

And my rooom! I kinda went crazy taking pictures yesterday, right before I made my vlog post xD

My desk:

My bed: 

I’ve got a little couch thing and a table:

Closets, the other corner of my room:

Some stuff on my desk (I was kinda loopy xD)



I could learn Spanish from a French book! That’ll be effective!

I’ve got like five million things of tissues. I don’t know why I took a picture.

I’ve even got a scanner, so if it’s compatible with my computer I can scan things!

It’s pretty damn hot, I haven’t used this yet but it will be fantastic~

And finally, the view out of my window:

Pretty legit.