So forever ago I reblogged one of those writing prompt things and someone actually sent one (<3) so this is way overdue but it ended up being a lot longer (and a lot less angsty) than I expected. So here we go at last, hey this gave me something to write in trig class over the last few periods thanks much.

The prompt was Pretense, with Damian



Person A of your ship drags Person B to Person A’s parents’ house for Christmas, where Person B will not only meet Person A’s parents for the first time, but the rest of the family as well. How does it go?

"What was that about?" Luca asked.



Your ship goes out for karaoke time! Is it their first time, or is one of them an experienced crooner? Do they laugh at their song choices, or when someone hits a sour note? Who makes up the lyrics as they go along? 

"Come on Luca, it’ll be fun!"



What does your character feel about…


Friendship is important. Very important. Actually there’s that quote…what was it…’the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb’. Blame my weak family ties that I talked about earlier, but I’d rather have friends than lots of relatives.



What does your character feel about…


I’m…not sure how long my rant is going to be on this one. 



What does your character feel about..


I don’t. like. it.

Seriously, when you’re immortal, you meet a lot of people who seem to think that you’ll be okay helping them in some war or another. Whether it’s actually a big thing or not, they ask you for help because they know you can help them. And usually you can.

But I hate wars. I hate fighting. I hate violence. There’s always going to be somebody who’s power hungry, somebody oppressing somebody else, somebody threatening other people. And there’s always going to be somebody who asks me to help, and most of the time I will. Because people will get hurt.

I’m even half good at fighting. I’ve gotten good over the years. Also, as my resistance to dying increases, it’s harder to knock me down. But you’d better have a fucking good reason to ask me to come and fight for you. 



What does your character feel about…


Okay, I kinda lied about the religion thing. There has to be a god who created the most gorgeous places on this earth, because nothing this beautiful could happen by accident.