So my host dad randomly gave me this book and was like “look at this isn’t it cute just look at the chapter titles they’re funny” and so I took it and looked at them and yes they’re cute and funny so I started reading it

This woman in this book is basically the embodiment of tumblr only in the 1920s. No joke. 

"But if she was going to work for herself she must help herself by making the best of whatever fighting weapons she might possess - her own appearance and personal attractions. Had she any personal attractions?"

She’s basically decided that she’s not going to wait around for some man to come along and marry her, she’s going to go out and find one herself and trap him in a romance with her even if it’s against his will.

"Can you tell me exactly what I should do to make myself attractive and desirable?" demanded Elsa almost fiercely.

So then she goes out to find a man and there’s this horse being mistreated and she speaks up for it of course, but nobody listens to her because she’s a woman. And then this guy steps out to help and this is her reaction: 

"Dear god in heaven! A MAN had spoken at last! - a MAN!"

and then she proceeds to refer to him as the MAN for the rest of the chapter

"Really he was not so tall as a MAN spelt all with capital letters might be expected to be!"

And then acknowledges that she’s doing it. I don’t care if Elsa is kind of Mary-Sueish, I love her. She then decides that this guy is going to be hers no matter what.

"Rich or poor, single or married, cold or amorous, this was the man she intended for her lover!"

I’m thinking of all those actors that tumblr tends to obsess over here. But it gets better. She literally stalks him to this driving school and follows him in. 

"And then, without his being remotely aware of her existence, she carefully inspected all that she intended to make her own."

Literally this woman is tumblr. The author of this book can see the future. All that she needs to do now is start shipping him with one of the hot driving instructors that all the other girls are there to flirt with and she’ll be perfect. 

Basically I’m going to steal this book. Not only is it entertaining, but it’s an old book (there’s actually a stamp on the back from April 1920). And there are these old ads inside the cover, it’s great. 

It’s called The Triumphant Woman, by Flaneuse (author of “Doubly tied,” “My Husband,” “Scored,” etc etc) 

and yes I just copied that from the inside cover


British actor Harry Lloyd (known best for his roles as Will Scarlett in “Robin Hood” and Viserys Targaryen in “Game of Thrones”) is the great-great-great grandson of Charles Dickens.
Oddly enough, Harry made his TV debut in the BBC production of David Copperfield (1999.) 


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