So I saw this picture and I wrote a thing. I don’t know how well it really goes, it got kinda depressing, but Damian’s been getting more and more sad as he goes on. I can’t really blame him. I should finish his happy story that I’m working on…

Well I hope it makes some sort of sense. If you guys have questions you can ask me, I’ve got a ton of story on this bastard and I’m always happy to talk about my characters. If you have any critiques about the writing you can tell me, I didn’t really revise it and just kind of wrote what I felt like so it’s not exactly very structured and kind of random, but I was just sort of following his thoughts and occasionally returning to the picture, and then drifting off where his mind went again. 

Anyway, enjoy. It’s only 1,000 words long, a bit longer than the stuff I usually post here but not too long to take up all your time.

Random, unedited drabble about kissing.

I’ve got these superheroes in my head. Jagger wasn’t made by me, but I don’t know if his creator wants him anymore so I don’t feel bad writing him a little. Not sure how close to his original character this is, but I like it.

This was different in my head. Maybe I’ll go back and change it. I don’t know. 

OCs under the break.


Fourth of July drabble I wrote. It was cute in my head. A mix of my own experience, a conversation we were having while watching the fireworks, and an in-joke with my friends.