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Does one partner ever have to calm the other down? How do they do it? Does it happen often?

Just because Demetrius has a fully functioning left arm and eye does not mean that they’ve replaced the originals perfectly.

Especially in the beginning, when he wasn’t used to looking in the mirror and seeing a patch of metal on his face, reminding him of the surgery when he was so drugged out he didn’t realize what was happening when they were cutting off pieces of his skull, he had moments when he didn’t know what to do. He was nervous to use the climbing wall for a long time, scared that it would tear something, or he’d fall and have to catch himself on his robotic arm and it would fail him. When the scar tissue still stood out against his skin, reminding him just how painful everything was, he could hardly go for a shower without putting a towel over the mirror so he wouldn’t catch a glimpse of his reflection and be struck with horror at his own appearance. 

But Toby was always there. Toby was there with arms to hold onto him, soothing words and songs, a loyalty that nothing could break, not even when Toby was in the hospital recovering from the poison attempt on his life. He’d come home to Demetrius as fast as he could, and nothing could ever pull him away from Demetrius’ side when he was most needed. 

Even after years had gone by, there were times when Demetrius felt horrifying, ugly, misshapen, not whole. On days where they’d go to the beach especially, and all the tourists and beach goers would stare at that man, what had happened, what was wrong with him, how could he live like that? Afterwards Demetrius would always need to curl up against Toby and not let go, not for the world. But Toby never left him, and for that, Demetrius was grateful. 

So I was fixing up the shadows and realized how creepy it looks without base color…

A WIP. What I was just working on in Livestream.

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Was going to post a wip…but then I finished it so I thought I’d just upoload it here. :B

Demetrius Crane (yes that’s a guy). Post-marriage, but in the middle of some big fight. We hadn’t decided to give him a daughter when I came up with this kind of scenario, so I’m not sure if she’d be alive yet or not. Either way, he’s all alone in a hotel thinking about his problem and how to fix it. No matter how big whatever it is they’re fighting over is, he doesn’t want it to get in between them for too long.

I know there are mistakes all over the place, but it’s my first digitally colored picture with a legit background that I drew myself.

Settling Similarities

[ A little background is needed for this one, but it gets complicated. Basically Antony will sleep with pretty much anyone that catches his eye, and caused a bunch of drama for Demetrius and his boyfriend. The drama pretty much faded for everyone except Demetrius, who was still pissed off about it, and he doesn’t like that one of his best friends is dating such a bastard. 

I didn’t get Antony quite as suggestive as I wanted him to be. I’ll have to work on that. ]

Demetrius was getting good at telling when Antony had slipped out of work to see Cassandra. She stopped nagging him and let him climb peacefully, which was a good thing, but when it was his turn to watch over what they called the ‘machine room’…it just bothered him knowing that the closest thing he had to an enemy was out there flirting with one of his best friends.

He was pumping iron for lack of anything else to do, his right arm burning with the lactic acid and his left just feeling…strange. It wasn’t like the left was stronger than his right, as far as he could tell, but it was weird not feeling the muscles burning.

Setting the weights down, he sat up and realized that Antony had come into the room, and was watching him with a strange expression on his face while he leaned against the wall. It looked kind of like a lioness about to attack her prey.

If lionesses had perfect hair and eyeliner, that was.