"I blew all my covers, I’ve got to figure out a new one."
"That might take a while."
"I’m counting on it."

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(TBH he is where he is because I didn’t want he and Dean to both be in Gryffindor while Sam was alone in Ravenclaw…) 

Take Your Kid to Work Day

Random cutesy thing that I wrote. Do not read if you don’t like things were my brain children have babies and cuteness ensues.


Good Omens blends! One of the best books ever is totally deserving of tea. Click the name to go to their page on Adagio <3

Crowley Blend-Smokey from the fires of hell, but with a bit of fresh green-ness, and an underlying sweetness. Deep, deep down. [lapsang souchong, spiced green, caramel]

Aziraphale- A bit old fashioned and stuffy, but with just enough of a sinful bite. Ineffably delicious. [irish breakfast, almond, gingerbread]

Oooooooh, oh my god…please, I beg of you…

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