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Malec fanfiction

Sooo I don’t normally write fanfiction but this was too adorable to pass up and I wanted it properly written out. All credit for the ideas and most of the dialogue goes to Chelsea and Jenna but I just wrote it because aaaaaaaah COLS feels. I needed some Malec. 

Anyway. Characters belong to Cassandra Clare, that brilliant yet cruel woman. Drunk!Malec under the cut.

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I just want Cassandra Clare to write a mini series or something about Magnus and Alec is that too much to ask

I just want to like…follow their story more. My favorite scene between Jace and Clary was the one in City of Glass where he just wanted to fall asleep and then wake up with her once…

Whereas my favorite scene with Alec and Magnus was EVERYTHING. THEY’RE JUST SO PERFECT.