so I’m going through my likes and getting to some videos that were posted like 2 months ago

so if you see something from me that you reblogged 2 months ago

it’s because I liked it and didn’t get around to watching it until now

I’m sorry


(click thru) art trade w/ peter: kieren walker + mcdonalds x

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The first animal you see is your patronus!

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reminder that if we’re in a mutual and you’re under the age of 18 and find it creepy or weird that i’m following you back as an adult then let me know and i’ll unfollow and it won’t need to be a big deal at all… like, please put your own safety and wellbeing first 

Agreed. I’m 44, and I’m a teacher. And if my following you on Tumblr makes you uncomfortable, please send me a fanmail and I’ll unfollow you post-haste.   

A blog should be safe space, no matter the platform, and it’s part of the reason I don’t generally send messages to folks; if you want to talk with me, it’s up to you to initiate contact. And likewise, if you want me to cease and desist, please ask, and know that I’ll bow out with nary a word of nastiness.


This is one of many, many reasons I don’t do automatic followbacks.

I would actually rather not follow anyone under 18, so if you’re a minor and I’m following you, let me know so I can not?

You can still follow me, if you feel safe/welcome here. :)

I’m 26, was a child user of the internet back before internet protection laws existed, and fondly remember the Fandom Moms who gently steered me away from the porn and into the parts of fandom that would be fun to me at the tender age of eleven.

I also remember a couple of not-so-cool adults from back in those dim dark days, and I do not want to be those adults. So if you feel like I’m creeping, 1. it’s not intentional but 2. please do not hesitate to tell me and I’ll unfollow. (Or change the thing that feels like I’m creeping, depending on what the situation might be.)

I’m 27 and I remember seeing all of that porn, because I ended up gravitating to the part of the internet where nobody cared what I thought.

So I can be kind of a fucked up individual, but I know what it’s like to be weirded out by the same stuff. Please don’t hesitate to unfollow me if anything I do or say makes you uncomfortable. :)


Like I’ve said before, if there’s anything about me that makes you uncomfortable, just let me know, and we’ll work things out, even if it’s by parting ways. I’m 26, so if that makes you uncomfortable, no problem.

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starting a series of fairytales! But told in my own way So here’s the first one about a princess who only wanted to have her outside match her inside.

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look at this fragile delicate flower of a man look at how precarious his value and identity is wonder at the marvel that is masculinity

This makes me want to cry blood.

This is a prime example of patriarchy at work. He can’t handle holding a fucking purse for 2 fucking seconds before he has to bust out his “man bag” so he can feel validated by his male peers who are rooting him on for not wanting to be feminine. Is his ego and sense of masculinity so fragile he can’t possibly brush it with the slightest amount of femininity before he crashes and burns??

Not to mention the fact that a symbol of feminity is being equated to a literal piece of shit.

or maybe he just doesn’t want to hold a fucking purse? god fucking damn it.

You’re right. We shouldn’t for anything in the world ever think about why he wouldn’t want to hold a purse, why he would feel it’s reasonable to drop it like it’s radioactive and then treat it both like toxic waste and a shameful secret, or why an audience of men would applaud him for treating it in this way instead of just holding the thing his wife asked him to hold.

Masculinity is too fragile to withstand investigation. We must protect it at all costs.

Maybe he just doesn’t want to hold a purse?  But … he’s still holding the purse.  Literally nothing has cahnged except him putting up a visual barrier around it so other people cannot see it.  He’s not objecting to holding anything.  He’s objecting — fucking stupidly — to the perceptions he believes this will cause people to have of him.

Let me break it down for the hopelessly dense.

1) People might, gods forbid, think he’s gay.  Putting aside the fact that women’s clothing and accessories are not how men telegraph “I am gay,” but are ways men telegraph “I like these things and don’t see why I should not enjoy them”, what’s the problem with being seen as gay?  There’s not one, unless you think there’s something wrong with being gay.

1B) It’s shameful because it’s acting like a woman.  See above.  There’s nothing shameful about acting like a woman unless there is something shameful about BEING a woman.  Really, this should be #1, because fears of being perceived as gay are, at their root, fears of being perceived as womanly.

2) People might think he’s whipped.  This is rooted in the idea that the man is being expected to endure some sort of affront to his masculinity by holding the purse.  That he’s being asked to do something onerous, not ordinary.  Because gods forbid a man do anything for a woman, especially anything that makes him look less like a man.  There are hideous assumptions about both men and women throughout that entire ridiculous line of reasoning.  I invite you to find and list them for yourself.  Twenty-five points to the House of your choice.

I am sure there are other stupid reasons, but those are the big ones.

A “real man” who is not an emotional weakling would proudly hold that fucking purse.

A “real man” would realize it says “I have a female companion” and “I don’t mind doing the most negligible of favors for my girlfriend/wife/sister/mother/daughter/friend because I am not a giant crybaby who fears my testicles will wither and fall off like raisins if I touch girly things for five goddamn minutes”.  And a “real man” doesn’t fucking care what ignorant-ass troglodytes think of him.  A “real man” isn’t afraid, constantly, of being perceived as feminine, because he knows there is nothing shameful about being feminine.  How exactly is it insulting to be compared to a woman?  It’s not, unless you hate women.

(There is not, by the way, any such thing as a “real man”.  Hence the quotes.  I’m just using the term for the sake of argument, because “I won’t do that, I’m a REAL MAN” is such a common go-to cop-out for cowardly, testicle-clutching poltroons who think that if the stupidest tooth-sucking, stump-fucking goober on the planet looks at them and sees anything other than a REAL MAN, they are performing their masculinity wrong, and they need to start yelling “NO HOMO, BRO!”, start a Gatorade IV, and aggressively catcall the nearest available women while insisting they are a Nice Guy, or risk suffering an attack of the vapours.  Guys trying to be “real men” usually care way too much about what other people think.  They’re chickenshit.)

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  • show creator: i know what you are
  • bi character: say it. out loud.
  • show creator: ...not interested in labels



do you know what literally drives me up the fucking wall?


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